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My gmail is harukanami9909@gmail.com

Send me a private message for feedback and mistakes I have overlooked!

Hello everyone! My name is HarukaNami. You can call me Haru, Haruka, Nami, or whatever you like! 

This game here is my very first game.  As of now, I am still in development, but I would like to release my very first demo to demonstrate my passion for storytelling and gaming. 

First of all, please know that this game contains strong language, dialogue-heavy
scenes, light flashes, and topics of mental health and disabilities. 

If you are uncomfortable with these types of things I listed in this comment, then please do not play this game.

Anyways, this game has:

1. Standard RPG battle system. 

2. Might be interactive story game too. (Still in development!)

3. Lots of dialogues

 4. Slight sci-fi look along with a mixture of fantasy.

Onward to the gameplay! You play as Karoline, a woman who is at a complete loss of the living world when her brother disappeared from her life ten years ago. Now at the age of 21, her father, Dr. Nathan Lewis has finally finished his 40 year research that applies to her brother's disappearance. 

Will Karoline solve the mystery of her brother's disappearance? 

There are other stories to tell throughout the game as well as the main story! 

It's going to be free for all to play even when the full version is out! Considering that this here is a free game, so don't expect too much from it! Thank you!

UPDATE 7/19/19- I will add the pictures later tomorrow! It is 2:52 am in the morning and my head hurts! I can only write this summary here for now... sorry! >_<

UPDATE 7/19/19- 3:47 pm. Added pictures!!!!


Demo ver-Candle in my Heart.zip 212 MB

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